Access to funding

Looking for the right match between your project idea and the available funding can be a challenge.

There are hundreds of funding opportunities available to European companies and organisations that promote projects in various fields ranging from green solutions, innovations and circular economy thought to education, social cohesion and human rights. With so many options, there is a lot to take into consideration when searching for the right subsidies: budget, consortium partners, application processes, activities, and specific conditions.

How do you navigate through the many databases, funding opportunities and grant providers when searching for the right fit?

Ellea Global experts monitor daily all European calls and do an in-depth overview of all existing and upcoming programmes and funding streams. What is more, we have experience in project management and implementation in most of these projects ourselves, so we are in the unique position to:

  • spot those that are most suitable for you, based on the specifics of your project idea;
  • consult on the need to re-shape or further develop your project offer so that it can meet the requirements of a potential donor/investor/credit institution.

if your company is always active and open for new projects, we can act as your trusted „funding detectives”. You can rely on us to track daily all available programmes, investment agencies and newly announced grant schemes and filter the information so that you receive ONLY the one that is applicable to you. We structure this to be simple and short but also clear and focused in order to help you decide whether to invest more time or not.


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