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Design cluster

In 2012 several SMEs got together to form an innovative design cluster which they named GRID – laboratory for design and development. The GRID cluster was the first such venture in Bulgaria where companies with a different background but a common goal jointed together to support each other and deliver partnership projects. GRID aimed to develop a shared platform for exchange of knowledge, ideas, experience; mobilization of joint resources and coordination of sector initiatives focused on promotion of the design industry and introduction of innovative technologies. When we say “design” industry we mean integrated services in the sphere of industrial (incl. product), interior, multimedia, graphic and web design, where the aim is not only the presentation of design concepts but also the practical implementation of design projects.

In order to achieve the goals, develop the service package and promote the cluster, the GRID founders needed financial support. They came to Elleya and we developed together a project proposal for the institutional building of the cluster, asking for funding from the Bulgarian operational programme “Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy”. We worked on the needs, the concept, structured a business plan and applied for funding. As a result, GRID receive a grant of a half of million BGN (about 250 000 EUR) to: build the capacity of the cluster, to train the team, to promote the services and exchange experience with other clusters, to attract young entrepreneurs and talented designers in establishing partnerships with universities.




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