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Technological Modernization at Kaolin Jsc.

Kaolin Jsc is one of the largest Bulgarian companies operating in the extraction industry. It was established in 1924 when the first installation for washing of kaolin was put into operation. Nowadays the company produces kaolin, silica sand, dolomite, feldspar, limestone and chamotte in 9 factories spread throughout Bulgaria, one of which is located in the village of Vetovo, Ruse region.

Though very well positioned on the local and international markets, the company suffered from the poor condition of the existing installations which dated back to the old socialist times. Renovation and modernization was on-going but the scale of the company did now allow these to run with the speed needed to catch up with the competitors. A must on the agenda for modernization was the Vetovo factory. Luckily, in 2008 the Bulgarian government announced a grant scheme for large companies and Kaolin was successful in receiving a grant of 1.5 mln EUR to match to the same amount of own financing they were planning to invest.

The general manager of Kaolin contacted Elleya at the beginning of 2009, when the subsidy contract was signed, and the project was about to start. At that time the management team of the company did not have the proper in-house resources to implement successfully such a complex project. They invited Elleya to assist. A joint team was formed, where the technical and accounting experts were staff of the Kaolin company and the project manager and the financial expert were the contribution of Elleya.

The project was successfully competed at the end of 2011. We cannot say we did not have our challenges. But nevertheless, this was one of the most rewarding projects where we had the chance to work in a wonderful team of professionals with different backgrounds but all focused at achieving the common goal.




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