Partner Matchmaking

Looking for potential partners? Look no more.

The main objective of our partner matchmaking service is to help you intensify your contacts and grow your international network for two main reasons:

  • to enhance your global visibility and be easily found when needed;
  • to have the right partners in place when a new project and programme opportunity is on the way.

Please note we are not offering you client search or sales leads services. Although in some case finding a top client can be a result of our cooperation, our real aim is to help you access global networks and build strong ties with partners that can open doors to you next markets.

Partners for projects

In case you wish to benefit from European grant financing for your project, this will often require that you develop your application in partnership with other organisations. In other words, you need to build or become part of a strong consortium. For a strong consortium, in the best-case scenario, you should have partners that:

  • are complementary to your business or area of activity;
  • can add specific knowledge or expertise to the solution you are offering;
  • have previous experience in the programme you are applying for.

Finding partners that would match the above criteria and be open and reliable may not be so easy. It is way more difficult if you are a newcomer to a funding programme with no key connections and valuable referrals.

Build your network with us

At Ellea Global Partners we leverage and an international network of over 3000 companies, organisations and individual experts thus can provide excellent opportunities for consortium building.

What is more, we can offer you our tailor-made partnering solution and build together a long-term programme which to enhance your international cooperation network to achieve growth.


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