Project Management

137 years. This is the combined experience in international project management of the Ellea Global experts.

With more than hundreds of EU-funded projects management and implemented, we have knowledge and in-house expertise in a variety of international grants and their particular compliances and regulations.

To this view, we are in a position to save you a lot of efforts, time and money by providing you a dedicated project manager to lead and administer your project, while you can focus on the core project activities.

This would mean that we will „lend” you for a specific period of time one of our experienced project experts and s/he will take the overall responsibility for the successful implementation of your project.

What will the project manager do?

  • S/he will work alongside your team or consortium to make sure the project is completed in line with the grant contract;
  • will plan and control the tasks of the others in the team and monitor the progress;
  • will take management decisions within the competences rendered to him/her;
  • will report to you, advise you and propose solutions,

Same tasks that you or your senior staff can also do, if only had the time. The Ellea Global manager will fully focus on the project, go into the details, work with your team and remain with the organisation until goals are achieved.

project manager we propose will be pre-approved by you, with the necessary NDA agreements signed.

And since we cannot be the master of everything, please note that we are best suited to manage projects funded under the following European programmes and funding streams: Horizon Europe, CEF, The Recovery and Resilience Facility, INTERREG, Erasmus, Digital Europe, Creative Europe.

Why work with us?

Because we are fast, flexible and result-oriented.

Our task is to help you complete your project on time; within the budget and to the best possible quality, at the same time complying 100% with programme rules.


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