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Rehabilitation of city road infrastructure

Boulevard Tutrakan, located in the city of Ruse (Bulgaria) has a particular importance as it is one of the main city entrances and a connection to Bucharest, Romania through the Danube bridge. It runs through an industrial zone and before the rehabilitation that took place, it was in an extremely bad condition.

Ruse municipality, the authority responsible for the city infrastructure, has managed to attract grant financing under the Romania - Bulgaria CBC programme, in partnership with Giurgiu municipality (Romania). We were commissioned as the project management consultants to implement this major project aiming to:

- fully renovate the Tutrakan boulevard in Ruse and several streets in Giurgiu;

- purchase and put into operation an IT system for monitoring of the cross-border traffic.


The project was a major challenge for our joint team due to the numerous unexpected obstacles that appeared throughout the implementation processes, taking also into account the fact, that it was a cross-border initiative depending on the legislative requirements of two governments. But all is well when it ends well. We are proud to have been the core of the management team of this successful action, with lessons learned well used in all subsequent infrastructure projects.





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