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Rehabilitation of the Ruse City Zone

Ruse, often called the “Little Vienna” or the “Pearl of the Danube”, is one of the most elegant cities of Bulgaria, the biggest Bulgarian port of the Danube river and the home of the 1981 Nobel winner Elias Canetti. It is situated about 320 km from Sofia and 75 km from Bucharest, Romania.

Ruse was a key actor in the Bulgarian national history and has an outstanding cultural and historical heritage. It has unique city architecture which dates back to the end of XIX and the beginning of XX century. The buildings located in the central pedestrian area, form an impressive mix of classic styles - Baroque, Renaissance, Gothic and Rococo, nicely balanced with beautiful open space gardens.

Part of this open space (sidewalks and gardens) have been recently renovated, but a major area, where the former city central garden is located (e.g. the Battenberg square), remained untouched and in a very poor condition.

We worked alongside the Ruse City Administration to draft a project for the rehabilitation of this whole area and the adjusted plots. Our project managers coordinated the process of analysing and evaluating the state of the existing infrastructure. Together with the Ruse city experts and a team of architects and engineers we prioritised the needs, set up the goals and drafted a project proposal to get funding under the Operational Programme Regional Development 2007 – 2013.

Ruse municipality was granted 5 mln BGN (2.5 mln EUR) for the rehabilitation of the Battenberg square, a section of the Alexandrovska street (the main city centre pedestrian street) and the adjoining smaller streets and squares. The result: beautiful and much more attractive city centre, with renovated sidewalks and parking lots, new stylish city lights, sparkling fountains, enjoyable areas to rest and meet friends and collaborators. Come visit Ruse, it may be the place to develop your next business venture.





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