We, at Elleya, do not have a standard list of services which we can display and strictly follow. This is because every project is unique as it is its project promoter. Every project idea needs a personal approach and a devoted team. When starting a project together we are no longer your external consultant, we become part of your team. This is exactly what makes us different. We live with the projects we manage, we act as they are our own ventures and you can always count on us for follow-up help or advice.

But still, you wonder what people ask for? And what we ca do? Check out the following examples:

If you are…

A foreign company, looking at Bulgaria as a possible destination for starting a new business venture or reallocating an existing business because you found out that this country provides a very good balance between costs-taxes-location-opportunities-risk. But: you do not have local contacts whom you trust, you do not have enough market information, you do not read and speak the language…How can Elleya help?

  • We can provide the market information you miss;
  • We can advise on the best location for your business;
  • We can recommend professional services of lawyers, accountants, designers, construction engineers, architects and more…
  • We can assist you in building your local business network;
  • We can help you find staff;
  • We can advise on funding opportunities, incl. available EU funding.


We can become your dedicated project manager, doing all of the above and much more and lead you all the way from your first visit to the final opening event!

If you are…

Owner-manager of a successful Bulgarian company, you spotted a market niche and you have a brilliant idea for a new business venture but: you lack time OR you lack a team OR you lack financing..what options you have with Elleya?

  • You can commission market research OR financial planning and analysis OR business model presentation OR marketing/communication strategy OR a whole business plan, comprising all of the above;
  • You can consult with us for the most appropriate financing sources for your new business. And this would be free of charge, unless you would like us to work alongside you till the moment you see the funds into your bank account. You may also wish to subscribe to our newest information service, available for the moment only in Bulgarian language;
  • You can commission a dedicated project manager and/or additional experts to initiate and coordinate your new project. Like this you save time (we do most of your work as a manager), we train your team on-the-job (we always form joint teams), we bring specific expertise if and only when needed; we save you money (you get a senior manager + experts at a monthly price lower than the expenses to hire a new manager as part of your staff).

And most important: you can be sure that the work will be done on time, to the best quality required and your idea will be finally off the shelf, you will happily see it happening!


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